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Zelenskyy hits out at NATO's 'absurd' membership delay

"There seems to be no will either to give Ukraine an invitation to NATO or to make it a member of the Alliance," wrote Zelensky on Twitter. "Indecision is a weakness."

Ukraine's president hit out on Tuesday at what he called NATO's "absurd" refusal to offer his country a timetable for joining the military alliance. Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote on Twitter he has received "signals" the communique coming from the NATO summit in Vilnius will not promise Ukraine membership once the war is over. "The formula refers only to the invitation, not to Ukraine's accession," Zelenskyy said about the statement NATO leaders are currently negotiating. He called it "absurd and unprecedented" that the declaration under discussion does not include a date for inviting Ukraine to join the Alliance.

Zelenskyy also complained that the declaration being prepared by NATO leaders alludes to "conditions" not just for Ukraine's membership of NATO but simply for the country to be invited to join.

"There seems to be no readiness either to invite Ukraine into NATO or to make it a member of the Alliance," he said.

"For Russia, this means motivation to continue its terror."

NATO allies are reportedly trying to strike a compromise. They want to send Kyiv a clear signal that it can join the military alliance, but there is reluctance among some - such as Washington and Berlin - about offering guaranteed membership.

The Kremlin has already warned NATO of the "very negative" consequences for European security should Ukraine join.

This prospect had been used as justification by Vladimir Putin to launch his invasion.

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