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Ukrainian counteroffensive is proceeding according to plan

Lately, Russian authorities have persistently promoted narratives about the unsuccessful Ukrainian counteroffensive. The Kremlin attempts to portray the Ukrainian counteroffensive as a failure, while Russian propaganda spreads unreliable information about the direction and effectiveness of the counteroffensive, exaggerating potential losses of the Ukrainian army. Russian propagandists, utilizing materials from Western media, consistently portray the Ukrainian counteroffensive as a total defeat. The president of the aggressor country also claims the failure of the Ukrainian army. Such messages are another form of Russian disinformation aimed at halting Western military aid to Ukraine and demoralizing Ukrainian society and military.

What is the real situation of the Ukrainian counteroffensive? The pace of the Ukrainian army's advancement corresponds to the situation on the front lines and the command's intentions. The goal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is to destroy the Russian army and liberate all Ukrainian territories. Today, Ukraine is increasing the pace of its attacks, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are actively seeking the weakest points in the enemy's defensive lines. Indeed, the counteroffensive cannot be achieved overnight or in a matter of days. The Ukrainian army demonstrates creativity in breaking through the Russian defenses and effectively utilizes Western equipment. Ukrainian soldiers are successfully advancing and liberating temporarily occupied settlements. The destruction of the Russian army is progressing rapidly. In the past two months, the Ukrainian counteroffensive has set records in the destruction of Russian artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, and air defense assets.

The successful Ukrainian counteroffensive currently taking place on the frontlines is a series of prolonged operations in various sectors, rather than isolated battles. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have adopted a new tactic for the counteroffensive. Instead of breaking through Russian minefields, they concentrate on bombarding Russian defensive positions with powerful artillery fire. Artillery units clear the way for small groups of sappers and infantry units. Of course, such actions cannot achieve a swift deep breakthrough into the occupied territory, but they allow Ukraine to preserve its Western equipment and personnel. Kyiv exercises "due caution" to avoid risking human lives and weaponry due to the high density of minefields set by the Russians.

The Russian army prepared for the Ukrainian counteroffensive for over eight months and created unprecedented obstacles on the occupied territories of Ukraine. Lengthy delays in weapon deliveries have given Russian forces time to construct the so-called "Suvorov Line," fortified with extensive minefields, air defense systems, and electronic warfare, complicating Ukraine's task of liberating its territories. Due to the dense minefield emplacements by the Russians, Ukraine requires a large number of demining systems.

Putin will never abandon the idea of occupying Ukraine; it has become his primary foreign policy goal. Further Western support for Ukraine's counteroffensive will ultimately drive the Russian army out of Ukrainian territory. For more effective combat operations, the Ukrainian Armed Forces need long-range ammunition, missiles, drones, F-16 aircraft, Patriot air defense systems, and other modern equipment. Timely deliveries of Western weaponry and ammunition are crucial for the success of the counteroffensive and further de-occupation of Ukrainian territories. The speed of the Ukrainian army's liberation offensive depends on the punctual supply of Western arms.

Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine represents a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security. Diminishing Russia's military potential is a strategic common interest of Ukraine and Western partners. Stopping the threat from Russia can only be achieved by strength; Russian aggression must suffer a complete fiasco. Any other outcome would mean the collapse of the international security system.

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