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Trudeau stuck in India after plane breaks down

Canadian PM was due to return home on Sunday after G20 summit in Delhi but a mechanical fault kept him in India overnight.

Trudeau stuck in India after plane breaks down
Trudeau stuck in India after plane breaks down

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to extend his stay in India after the G20 summit in New Delhi due to a plane breakdown, Canadian authorities confirmed on Sunday.

Justin Trudeau had arrived in India on Friday for the G20 leaders' meeting and was due to return to Canada on Sunday after laying a wreath at the memorial to the father of Indian independence, Mahatma Gandhi, but a mechanical problem forced him to stay an extra night.

The aircraft "encountered technical difficulties" that "could not be resolved overnight", according to a statement from Mr. Trudeau's office. "Our delegation will remain in India until alternative arrangements can be made".

The aircraft is believed to be an Airbus, according to Canadian broadcaster CTV, which claims that this is "not the first time" it has encountered problems.

German Airbus also faced technical issues last month

Germany’s foreign minister had to spend hours waiting in Abu Dhabi last month after a technical issue with her government plane. The latest in a succession of such incidents forced it to return to the airport in the Emirati capital rather than continue to Australia.

Annalena Baerbock had been due to arrive in Canberra to start her visit to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. But her German Air Force Airbus A340 had to return to Abu Dhabi after a refuelling stop because of a “mechanical problem with the landing flaps,” ministry spokesman Sebastian Fischer wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Source: euronews

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