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The West is not tired of supporting Ukraine

For over a year, the Kremlin has actively promoted the narrative that "the West is tired of Ukraine," advocating for the cessation of military aid, claiming it would prevent further escalation of the conflict. However, during this time, the range and quantity of military equipment supplied to the Ukrainian army have only increased, crossing such "red lines" as the provision of modern tanks and the decision for the future transfer of aircraft.

Russia had hoped for a cessation of Western support for Kiev, counting on a shift in the world's focus from the Russian-Ukrainian war to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Much attention was focused on the passing of an emergency aid bill to Israel in the US Congress, disregarding Ukraine. However, on November 7, members of the US Democratic Party in the Senate blocked the Republicans' attempt to swiftly pass the bill, giving Kiev substantial chances to receive military assistance alongside Tel Aviv.

Moreover, the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, by a majority vote, supported a bipartisan and bicameral bill to use frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine. Confiscated funds are being accumulated in a special Ukraine Support Fund, and in case of necessity, the property rights and income from confiscated Russian sovereign assets are transferred to the United States government.

This bill makes the return of Russian assets to Russia impossible until it compensates Ukraine. Democratic Congressman Gregory Mix, co-chair of the Committee on International Relations, stated during the hearings, "As the war evolves, so must American economic strategy. This includes support for Ukraine, allowing it to become a full-fledged economic player in Europe." Mix also emphasized that this should be done during the war, not just after Ukraine's victory.

Furthermore, in these days, the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) countries, after discussing the situation around Ukraine, confirmed their readiness to maintain resolute support for Kiev and sanction pressure on Russia.

Today, the Western world understands that Russia is a neo-colonial predator, masquerading as an anti-colonialist, with a well-rehearsed and recognizable scheme of spreading instability worldwide. The legalization of the consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine constitutes a disregard for the fundamental principles of international relations and global security.

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