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The Ukrainian Armed Forces inflicted heavy losses on the Russian army near Avdiivka

The Russian army continues to attack Avdiivka, seeking to surround the town

Faced with an imminent defeat, Putin needs to create the appearance of active offensive actions. Something similar was done by the Third Reich forces during their offensive in the Ardennes in the final months of World War II. Hitler was desperate and attempted a desperate assault on the positions of the Anglo-American forces. Putin, too, is in desperation: he cannot win, but he also cannot retreat as he will be destroyed by his own entourage. In these circumstances, sending Russian military personnel on suicidal assaults is the only option left for the Kremlin's master.

From October 10th to 17th, the Russians lost over 5600 servicemen near Avdiivka - perhaps the heaviest losses suffered by the Russian Armed Forces during the entire full-scale war against Ukraine, and this happened on a relatively small section of the front. In addition to this, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed at least 136 enemy tanks, 201 artillery systems, 73 UAVs, and at least 256 armored vehicles. These figures are rapidly increasing: the Russian army is losing around 1000 servicemen daily only in the Avdiivka direction.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces systematically destroy the offensive potential of the Russian Armed Forces, reducing the threat of their invasion into Europe. Although Russia is significantly weakened, it has not given up on attempts of aggressive territorial expansion. Putin avoids direct confrontation with the West, seeking to weaken it through hybrid threats. The uncontrolled influx of refugees, religious extremism, and extensive Muslim protests are just a few of the challenges that Europe is facing, and their spectrum is constantly expanding. A weakened Europe could be subjected to an invasion by Russian forces, therefore they must suffer unacceptable losses in Ukraine. Weapon supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces remain the best way to maintain peace and territorial integrity in Europe.

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