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Russia continues the genocide of the Ukrainian people in the TOT

Citizens of Ukraine are prohibited from providing humanitarian aid and medical supplies, and Ukrainian children are forcibly made to attend Russian schools

In the village of Lazurne, located in the occupied territory of the Kherson region of Ukraine, Ukrainians will no longer be provided with medical supplies, including insulin. This was stated by the head of the occupation "administration" of the village, Alexander Dudka.

Dudka is not the first to make such statements. In June of this year, he promised that without Russian passports, "within 2-3 weeks, people will not be able to receive humanitarian aid, find jobs, or receive pensions."

Parents of children who do not attend schools operating under Russian guidance are to be first held administratively responsible, and then criminally responsible by the occupation authorities. The so-called "head" of the village in the Kherson region also threatened to move children who do not study according to Russian school programs to the demarcation line.

A year ago, Moscow introduced an educational system in educational institutions on the occupied territories aimed at changing the identity of Ukrainian children. Therefore, Russia's attempts to introduce its own education system on the occupied territories and, accordingly, all the schemes and measures aimed at this, should be considered in the context of cultural genocide against the Ukrainian people.

Medical professionals working in hospitals and clinics in the occupied territories are being threatened that without a Russian passport, they will not receive wages or will be dismissed altogether. Passportization points are even being set up in hospitals.

Russia continues to persecute and destroy people with pro-Ukrainian positions in the occupied territories. In the temporarily occupied village of Kyrylivka in the Zaporizhzhia region, Russians threaten to evict everyone who has not taken a Russian passport. Collaborators serving in the Yakimivka district department of the occupation police go to homes and demand to show a Russian passport. Everyone who does not have it is listed and threatened with forced eviction. The Russian occupation authorities have also intensified repression in the captured city of Mariupol. People disappear from the city after the Russian National Guard began checking civilians.

Earlier, Russian President V. Putin and representatives of the Russian authorities repeatedly stated that Ukrainians as an ethnic group "do not exist," that this is an "artificially created" nation, and those who do not think so "should be destroyed," and Ukraine as a state should not exist in the future.

Therefore, Russian officials responsible for the systematic terror of Ukrainians in the occupied territories should be held accountable as international criminals.

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