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Israel and Ukraine at the forefront

Against the backdrop of mass rocket attacks by the militants of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements on Israeli territory, resulting in the death of more than 1,300 Israelis and thousands injured, the diaspora leader of Hamas, Khaled Mashal, cynically called on all Muslims to "repeat the actions of Hamas" and organize a "global Jewish pogrom" on October 13.

In his video address, Khaled Mashal urged Muslims worldwide to "fight and become martyrs for Al-Aqsa." According to his plan scheduled for Friday, Muslims from countries surrounding Israel, including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, are supposed to advance to the borders and attempt to infiltrate Israel in large numbers and "apply jihad not in theory, but on the ground." This sharp rhetoric is causing serious concern and alarm in the international community. Mashal's provocative and aggressive statements not only incite violence but also pose a threat to the peaceful coexistence of various religions and nationalities.

Ukraine firmly condemns terrorism and violence against civilians. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky strongly condemned the terrorist attacks by Hamas and expressed strong support for the people of Israel, describing the events in Israel as horrific and expressing condolences to those whose loved ones have died in the terrorist attack. Zelensky emphasized that terrorism is a crime worldwide and called for the world to unite against terrorism to establish justice. Ukrainians do not equate Islam with terrorism and respect the Muslim community. Ukrainian Muslims do not support provocative calls for "Jewish pogroms."

No political goals can justify deliberate cruel killings of unarmed individuals, women, children, and the elderly. The President of Ukraine called on world leaders to visit Israel and support those who have suffered from terrorist attacks, referring to the "same evil" of killing civilians by Russian forces in Ukraine and terrorists in Israel.

The atrocities of Hamas terrorists against the civilian population in Israel resemble the atrocities of the Russian army in Bucha, Irpen, on the Zhytomyr highway, and other places in Ukraine since 2022: civilians killed while trying to evacuate, shot cars, mass rocket attacks on peaceful settlements, civilian infrastructure, and hospitals, burned private houses and apartments, hostages taken, including women and children.

Russia supports terrorist organizations and does not condemn them. This is linked to the terrorist activities it allows itself to conduct in Ukraine. Russian propaganda openly takes the side of terrorism, mocks the Israeli army, gloats, and already labels Israelis as "fascists." Moscow's Iranian friends openly support those who attacked Israel. Hamas's attempts to deny the obvious facts of mass killings of civilians are as futile as Russian propaganda's attempts to hide the occupiers' responsibility for atrocities against Ukrainians.

Moscow benefits from destabilization in the Middle East. In this way, Moscow wants to distract the world from its war against Ukraine. Hamas and Russia are terrorists. Israel and Ukraine are at the forefront. It is crucial now for the whole world to react decisively, condemning terrorism and anyone who helps or can help terrorist attacks. Violence must not be allowed to spread in the Middle East; Russia or anyone else should not be allowed to stoke confrontation. Attempts to escalate another military conflict play into the hands of those in this world who do not respect humanity and humanism, international law and diplomacy, and do not value the highest gift we have - life.

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