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Canceled Tour

Vladimir Putin has declined to attend the BRICS summit. This is not the first time that Russia is represented as "second-tier" at international forums. Over time, the President of Russia is becoming a recluse of the Kremlin. Gone are the days when he was a welcome guest of the leaders of top world countries. Now, before shaking hands with the Russian president, the leader of a democratic state must think a hundred times about how their voters will perceive it. To avoid embarrassment and not to tarnish the image of the "great leader" within Russia, he prefers to send Lavrov in his place. He doesn't mind; he doesn't have to be re-elected. His entire domestic political success is based on the success of his boss. Moreover, although Putin doesn't believe in the possibility of his own arrest, as a person accustomed to betrayals, he is paranoid about his counterparts. He is also hesitant to leave the country because he might return home to find his chair already occupied by someone who swore eternal friendship yesterday.

In contrast to Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Zelensky doesn't have such problems. He gladly visits several countries a day and doesn't hide that he enjoys this "meteoric" lifestyle. He refuses to delegate the final chord to anyone from his own circle.

Planes, air defense, artillery, military training—all of this Ukraine receives from its allies, but mostly after the personal visit of the Ukrainian president. You haven't provided weapons to Ukraine yet?! Well, the Ukrainian president is on his way to see you! He becomes a welcome and respected guest, whom the leaders of world democracies try to assist in every way.

The same applies to the reverse process—if you haven't been to Kyiv, it means you are not a leader of a democratic state. The leaders of world democracies consider it an honor to show their respect to the indomitable Ukrainian people.

As for Vladimir Putin, he sits alone in the Kremlin bunker, offended by the whole world, and tries to lure leaders of poor countries to Russia with free wheat.


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